Permit Fees

Zoning Applications

Zoning ApplicationsFee
Appeal to Board of Zoning Appeals$400
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Exceptions$400
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Permitted Encroachment Permit$150
Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Nonconforming Use Waiver150
Major Site Plan Review$300
Minor Site Plan Review$125
Rezoning$400 plus $10 per acre
RPA Modification Permit$150
Site Plan Amendments$100
Special Exception Application$350
Variance - Administrative$100 (In the event consideration of the variance must be transferred to the Board of Zoning Appeals, an additional fee of $225 is required.)
Zoning Ordinance Amendment$300
Zoning Permit$40
Zoning Permit - After the fact$150

Subdivision Applications

Lot Line Vacation$25 plus $1 per line
Major Subdivision Review$400 plus  $25 per lot
Minor Subdivision Review$150 plus  $15 per lot

Erosion & Sediment Control Applications

Agreement in Lieu of a Plan$50
Land Disturbing Permit$50 first acre plus $100 each additional acre

Whenever work has begun prior to issuance of a permit, the fee shall be doubled.

Wetland Applications

After the Fact Permit$550
Application Review$50
Commercial Permit (Hearing Required)$300
Permit (Hearing Required)$225