Access to Online Records

Civil & Criminal Case Information

Middlesex County Circuit Court Civil and Criminal case information can be obtained from the Supreme Court Case Management System, which is used by most of the Circuit Courts in the Commonwealth.

How to Search

  1. Visit the Virginia Courts Case information portal
  2. Select “Middlesex County Circuit Court. click “Begin;”
  3. Select division “Civil or Criminal.”

Searches can be conducted by “Name,” “Case Number,” or “Hearing Date.”

Search by Name

If you search by “Name” and there is more that one case number assigned, then you will need to select the appropriate case number. The “Case Details” page is then displayed; it provides the parties’ names, hearings, and disposition of the case.

Search by Case Number

“Case Number” searches provide the same information; however, you use that number to access it. When searching civil matters, remember to use upper case “CL” before the ten-digit number (example: CL09000000-00). Likewise, when searching criminal matters, remember to use upper case “CR” before the ten-digit number (example: CR09000000-00).

Search by Hearing Date

To search by “Hearing Date” click on the calendar to the right of the hearing date shown. Then select the case number you want from the list. Then click on the number and the case information will be displayed.

Secured Remote Access

The Clerk’s Office offers Remote Access to Land Records Management System via the internet through paid subscription only and subject to approval of the Clerk. The prepaid fee for this service is $150 per user, per quarter. To obtain a subscription, complete the Secured Remote Access User’s Agreement (PDF), and mail it together with the fee to:
Clerk of Circuit Court
Attn: Rachel Hartenbach
P.O. Box 158
Saluda, VA. 23149

The following records are available through secured remote access:

  • Deeds and Land records from April 20, 2004 to present
  • Financing Statements from January 19, 2006 to present
  • Judgments from January 25, 1990 to present